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Kitesurfing Club-School Vitrolove

Only engaged and professional instructors with many years of experience will instruct you. You will quickly and safely master this amazing and fascinating sport with us! We combine kitesurfing trainings with exciting trips to the most beautiful places and to the best spots.

School founders

Roman Kotsyuk
Roman Kotsyuk
Co-founder of the school, kite instructor

Cheerful guy and the main inspirer of creation of the school. Being the soul of our team, Roman is an experienced kite instructor and sportsman, engaged in kitesurfing since 2010.

Yurko Grabli
Yurko Grabli
Co-founder of the school, kite instructor

Author and developer of adapted techniques of instructing. Works also as snowboarding instructor in winter. Knows 1000 and 1 story for every occasion.

Each of the students automatically becomes a member of Vitrolove-Club – an open community, which participants get guaranteed discounts and bonuses.
For example, course price includes not only training but also travelling in our comfortable VitroBUS as well as participation in the BBQ-spot-party. And much, much more.

Why kitesurfing?

You still have any doubts?

Kiteboarding (aka kitesurfing) – is plenty of fun and adventure, as well as entertainment, travel and sports.

Kitesurfing helps you look in a different way at the world around. Really different. You will learn how to listen to the wind, soar above the water surface, thus being in harmony with the multiple elements simultaneously. And this is not only about lyrics. Another dimension is waiting for you!

Most people get charmed by kitesurfing after their first attempts. What seemed to be easy and simple at first glance but extremely hard to master afterwards (how to control this thing ?!), intertwines with your soul and irrevocably becomes a part of you. As part of your essence.

You are going to experience the joy as children do, get a lot of fun and adrenaline every time you are on the board again. You will be thriving to experience those sensations again and again! There are not enough words in the languages on the planet Earth to describe it! Experiencing it is a must!

Watch this video and try to say,
that ISN’T COOL?!

What to expect from the course

Our team will be glad to teach you how to ride a kitesurf. Vitrolove kite school is sure that you will run on starboard and port tacks freely. Those of you who have no limits and want to progress further will be provided with instructions.

Duration of the course – 10-12 hours. Respectively, you need 3-4 days to learn how to kite.

Duration of the course depends mainly on wind conditions and your dexterity.
What are the main advantages of training with an instructor?

  • Safety: you will be constantly supported by an experienced rider;
  • Saving time and money: with the help of your friends, acquaintances or other non-professionals, you might spend 10, 20 and even 30 days on education and much more money then needed without getting tangible results;
  • The safety of your own equipment: you will be taught using school equipment. Thus you do not risk your equipment and do not spend money on costly repairs;
  • We guarantee that our student will become a kiter, and if necessary – we will provide him with extra courses for free until he kites freely;
  • Certification of IKO — Internetional Kiteboarding Organization at the end of the course you receive a certificate, which will help you to be recognized everywhere in the world.


Day 1

1.1 Preparing your kite to be launched

1.2 Introduction to equipment parts and its safety systems

1.3 The theory of the wind window, kite and wind shadow

1.4 Testing your kite control skills with a training kite

1.5 Activation of the security systems

Day 2

2.1 Lifting and landing the kite, restart the kite from the water

2.2 Safety rules while lifting and landing the kite

2.3 Testing of movement on the water without the board (body drag)

2.4 Rules of safe behavior on the water

2.5 Rules of the road on the water

Day 3

3.1. Water Start (theory and practice):

3.2. Exercises, preparing for water start:

3.3. Testing of the water launch:

3.4. Self-rescue on the water

3.5 Repetition of the rules differences on the water


Day 1

4.1 Testing of the movement left and right tacks:

4.2 Speed control:

Day 2

4.3 Changing tacks (turns):

4.4 Edging on wind:

4.5 Revising rules of the road on the water


Day 1

5.1 Unloading the edge:

5.2. Toeside kickoff ( “Switch”):

5.3 Carving turn from “switch”:

Day 2

5.4 Preparation for Ollie

5.5 kickoff (pop up)

5.6 Ollie “Switch” on 180

5.7 jump to transition

Main spots

Our major spots in Ukraine and in the World

The route from Kiev on the spot


Forecast for wind


Wind and Weather Worldwide (online)



Modest tuition fees and then a lot of fun for the whole life
Hottest offer

Full course

  • 3-4 days  
  • 10-12 hours of individual lessons with the guarantee of result
Hottest offer

Advanced course

  • 2 days  
  • 8 hours of individual lessons
Hottest offer

Hourly lessons

  •   individual lessons

Feedbacks and emotions

Impressions of people who have been trained

Our gear

We use only the best equipment produced by leading firms

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